Friday, January 17, 2014

New Turkish format

Some new titles have been released in Turkey reusing the "Dedektif Nancy Drew'un Maceralari" (Detective Nancy Drew's Adventures) moniker that was introduced in 2006 by Inkilap.  However, this time there is a different publisher - the new organization is Mandolin Yayınları.  They have selected to translate 4 titles from the classic paperback series (rather than the Girl Detective series favored by Inkilap).  The new covers are fairly generic, with a big Nancy face on the left and a bright pink background which sports an element from the story (e.g., a crocodile for Lost in the Everglades, the Eiffel Tower for No Strings Attached).  The books are thin paperbacks with no illustrations.  Not the most exciting books in my collection but it was fun to discover a new format.  

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