Friday, May 14, 2010

Does anyone speak Korean?

Okay, so this may or may not be the Holy Grail of foreign edition Nancy Drews - a copy in Korean! From a library database, I had previously confirmed the existence of a single volume from the series that was translated into Korean, but I did not know what the book looked like.

I found this image online, and it certainly looks like it could be a translation of Crossword Cipher. In fact, the llama, parachuter and Andean poncho are all very reminiscent of the Armada (British) cover from the 1980s. Furthermore, in the British numbering system, Crossword Cipher is #5 and there is a "5" on this cover. What's cool about that is that maybe there were 4 (or more!) other titles translated into Korean.

So if anyone out there can translate the text on this cover and possibly confirm that this is indeed a Nancy Drew title, I would be so thrilled! Next hurdle - finding an actual copy for my collection!


  1. awesome!! keep solving those publishing mysteries

  2. I found confirmation that this title is indeed Crossword Cipher. Then I discovered 2 more titles in this format: Kachina Doll and another one which might be Blackwood Hall or maybe 99 Steps (it translates to Phantom of the Green Light). I also discovered that the publisher is Saesonyeon and they all came out in 1984.