Tuesday, May 26, 2009

New to me Portuguese format

This Portuguese book is not a new title currently in print, but it is a new format I had never encountered until now, so I wanted to share. I have some books by this publisher (Verbo) but I think they were from the 1990s and have totally different covers and internal illustrations, and feature a white spine. This book appears to be an earlier incarnation of "Os inqueritos de Nancy" published circa 1983. It has a yellow spine and recycles the Rudy Nappi cover but has original internal illustrations (uncredited). I like this one of the Tophams whining at the attorney's office.

The back cover indicates that at least the first 4 titles may have come in this format.

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  1. I am so glad you finally updated the "Around the World with Nancy Drew" site, and now you have a blog to go with it. :D

    I noticed, though, when I clicked on the link to the blog, the page said not found because the link was written as " http://www.nancydrewworld.com/aroundtheworldwithnancydrew.blogspot.com ," so you should change that so it links correctly as " http://aroundtheworldwithnancydrew.blogspot.com ". I've always liked your site, though, and I'm glad to see it being updated again. ^^ Keep up the great work!!

    -Beth, a fellow blogger ( http://bmotogo.blogspot.com ), a fellow fan of Nancy Drew, and a fan of your site and your blog